Oklahoma Needs a New Direction

Mick's Vision

Oklahoma needs a new direction. Would anyone disagree? The state government is broken to the point that budget shortfalls, worries about education, public health and a variety of core government functions have become commonplace.

Many Oklahomans are worried about our future: what will we be leaving our kids? Will they even stick around to see it? Meanwhile, all we can reliably count on from our leaders at the state capitol is infighting between the House and Senate, between Republicans and Democrats, and even between Republicans and Republicans.

All of this tells me we need to chart a different course with different leaders if we expect anything to change at the state capitol. We need a Governor with proven leadership and a plan to make this state what we all know it can be. We need a consensus builder who can bring people to the table and won’t quit when things get tough. We need someone who can move this state in a new, positive direction.

If you believe Oklahoma’s best days are ahead of us, then join me and thousands of other Okies who are seeking to help us change the future and bring a new direction to Oklahoma.

I’m Mick Cornett, running to be the next Governor of our great state. Will you join me?

Our Plan for Oklahoma

Our Schools-

Mick’s mother was a teacher and he understands the importance education plays in growing our economy, promoting a stronger workforce and creating better jobs that keep our kids and grandkids here. Mick believes teachers deserve a raise. He would like to see salaries increased to the regional average with competitive pay increases for STEM teachers.


With advances in technology, education is a lifelong endeavor. Mick wants to raise the expectations for education in our state and create a culture that empowers families and individuals—regardless of age or income— to seek the best educational outcomes.

Our Health-

Mick believes we must prioritize health and wellness to reduce medical costs and live up to our full potential as a state. Mick led Oklahoma City through a transformational shift in its approach to obesity. Relying on individual responsibility and improving the built environment, Oklahoma City’s health statistics have improved in nearly every measurement.


Mick wants to create a state that will attract the top doctors and medical care, and he wants all Oklahomans to have access to quality emergency care and hospitals… including rural areas.

Our State Finances-

While the state budget process remains a mess, Mick knows budgeting is about priorities and leadership. Mick has played a key role in developing Oklahoma City’s annual budget transparently based on the consensus needs of the community. For years Oklahoma City has received the highest possible credit rating and keeps a rainy day fund equal to 15% of the annual budget. All MAPS projects were completed debt free with complete accountability to the taxpayer.


Contrast Oklahoma City’s transparent management to the state budget process, where a handful of legislators determine the state’s priorities behind closed-doors. Mick believes the state must stop spending more than it takes in and restore accountability to you.


Since Mick became Mayor, Oklahoma City has created nearly 100,000 new jobs and over 9,400 new businesses. He wants to use his job-creating skills to attract new industry to all of Oklahoma.
Under Mick’s leadership, Oklahoma City has diversified its economy expanding thousands of new jobs in aviation and biomedical fields. His ability to promote our state has helped create a tourism industry that has grown each year and attracted new dollars to our state.
Something is working in Oklahoma City and we need to take that leadership and vision to our state Capitol. No one sells Oklahoma on a world-wide stage better than Mick Cornett.

Roads and Bridges-

President Trump has asked Mick to serve on two national committees dealing with infrastructure: the Federal Committee on Automation and the Infrastructure Summit. The Trump administration believes Oklahoma City is a model for the rest of the country in infrastructure financing. Oklahoma must increase its attention to roads and bridges. Oklahomans in every part of our state deserve good roads. Mick believes better infrastructure leads to more jobs and a stronger economy.

Our Values-

Mick is considered nationally to be ‘the most conservative big city mayor in the country.' He is pro-life and a defender of the second amendment. His wife Terri calls him, “the most Godly man I know.”

Our Future-

Mick believes Oklahoma can become the envy of our region with vision and leadership.  Our children and grandchildren are our future and making sure they have the tools to take our state into the next generation is Mick’s goal.  We want our best and brightest to stay in Oklahoma and continue to grow our beloved state.

About Mick Cornett


Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett is the nation’s most successful Republican Mayor.  He recently completed his one-year term as President of the United States Conference of Mayors and is the longest-serving mayor among the nation’s 50 largest cities. A thoughtful leader in American politics, Cornett was named Governing Magazine’s “Public Official of the Year,” one of Newsweek’s “five most innovative mayors,” and one of Politico’s 50 “thinkers, doers and visionaries transforming American politics”.   A frequent guest on national television shows, Cornett has appeared on many programs to discuss Oklahoma and municipal issues. His TED TALK has been viewed nearly 2 million times.

The son of a postal worker and a school teacher, Mick was born and raised in Oklahoma City. As a 5th generation Oklahoman, his parents taught him early in life the value of public service and encouraged him to work hard and dream big.

After graduating from Putnam City High School and earning a journalism degree from the University of Oklahoma, he began his 20-year career in broadcast journalism, where he served as a reporter, anchor, and manager. He later earned a Masters in Business Administration from NYU.

After leaving behind his successful career in the news industry, Mick ran for Oklahoma City Council in 2001 against a two-term incumbent, winning on a platform of fiscal conservatism.

In 2004, he was elected a Mayor of Oklahoma City and has been re-elected three times.

Mick’s leadership as Mayor has been instrumental in the continued revitalization and renaissance of Oklahoma City, including bringing the NBA to Oklahoma following Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The New Orleans Hornets’ stay in Oklahoma lasted two seasons and created proof that the city and the state would support a professional sports franchise.

In 2007, Mick stood in front of the elephant exhibit at the Oklahoma City Zoo and announced This City Is Going On A Diet, raising the awareness of obesity in Oklahoma City and pledging to lead the city to collectively lose 1,000,000 pounds. In 2012, that goal was achieved.

Mick also continued the legacy of Oklahoma City mayors pushing to make capital improvements to improve the quality of life in the city through the MAPS 3 initiative.

During his tenure, Oklahoma City has invested nearly $2 billion in schools and infrastructure dedicated to improving the city’s quality of life. That investment generated nearly $6 billion in private sector investment. The city has also consistently maintained one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country.

Mick is married to Terri (Walker) Cornett and has three sons and four granddaughters, who are seventh-generation Oklahomans.

Mick has earned several awards and honors during his career. A few of them include:

  • Politico Magazine Politico 50 - the thinkers, doers, and visionaries transforming American politics, 2015
  • Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame Inductee, 2014
  • Dean McGee Award Winner, 2013
  • Oklahoma Mayor of the Year, 2013
  • Newsweek Magazine Top Five Innovative Mayors, 2012
  • Governing Magazine Public Official of the Year, 2010
  • World Mayors, No. 2 Mayor in the World, 2010
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