A new poll from in-state pollster SoonerPoll shows that Mick Cornett has a lead among all of the Republican contenders for Governor ahead of the June 26 primary election.

From the Tulsa World:

The SoonerPoll survey of Jan. 4-9 has Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett in the lead at 24 percent in the Republican contest, with Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb at 18 percent and the other four GOP contenders strung out behind.

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Cornett’s lead follows his efforts of 2017 to campaign in each of Oklahoma’s 77 counties, and many have cited his grassroots style for the appeal to voters from across the state.

During his tenure as Mayor, Oklahoma City Mick Cornett maintained a strong economy, with one the lowest unemployment rates in the country. Through pro-growth policies and excellent budgeting practices, including 17 straight balanced budgets as Mayor and City Councilor, a 15% rain day fund and the highest bond rating available, the city has added nearly 100,000 new jobs and 10,000 new businesses.

The poll cites that currently 39% of Republican voters are currently undecided, and Cornett will look to take his pro-business message to those voters across the state.

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Respondents for the survey were likely Oklahoma voters, and the Republican portion of the poll had 213 respondents, according to SoonerPoll.

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