The Tulsa World has just announced that they have endorsed Mick Cornett in the Republican primary, stating, “Mick Cornett is the best choice available on the GOP governor’s ballot.”

While Cornett has been crossing the state for over a year speaking with Oklahomans about his vision to make Health and Education priorities in a Cornett administration, it is his stance on Education specifically that Tulsa World states “gives him the edge” over other candidates.

The Tulsa World also states, “Cornett’s campaign theme is that Oklahomans can trust him based on what he’s already done, and he has accomplished much. During his four terms as mayor, Oklahoma City blossomed, passing the MAPS 3 initiative and landing the Oklahoma City Thunder, the NBA basketball team that unifies the state. It’s an impressive record of leadership.”

That impressive record of leadership has also been noticed by many others as earlier this year Fortune Magazine named Cornett as #25 on a list of the “50 Greatest World Leaders” that included CEO’s of the world’s largest companies, politicians, athletes and others. Cornett’s #25 ranking in the world made him the top Republican politician to make the list of World’s 50 Greatest Leaders.

Earlier this week the statewide grassroots organization “Oklahomans for Public Education” also gave Cornett an endorsement – the “Apple.” The mission of the group is to support pro-public education candidates.