OKLAHOMA CITY – Mick Cornett’s campaign for Governor on Friday announced the endorsements of more than a dozen mayors and former mayors from across the state of Oklahoma, including from the communities of Altus, Atoka, Bartlesville, Broken Arrow, Chickasha, Del City, Edmond, El Reno, Enid, Guymon, Lawton, Mustang, Ponca City, Poteau, Pryor Creek, Sand Springs and Tulsa.

“I’m thrilled to have the support of so many leaders from communities across the state,” Cornett said. “From experience, I know that mayors are engaged in their communities’ civic and business leaders with the desire to get things done. That same experience is needed at state government, and I intend to be a Governor that helps all of our communities grow and thrive.”

A complete list of the mayors and their endorsements is below:

Jack Smiley, Mayor of Altus:

“As any mayor can tell you, the ones who get things done are the ones who show up to lead. Judging by Oklahoma City’s success, Mick Cornett showed up for his town every day. I know he is a man our entire state can count on for leadership, conservative vision and getting things done.”

Brian Cathey, Mayor of Atoka:

“There is no other candidate more prepared to take on the obstacles our State faces. I am proud to support Mick Cornett for Governor because Oklahoma deserves a Governor that will put the people of Oklahoma before politics.”

Dale Copeland, Mayor of Bartlesville:

“From covering high school football games as a sports broadcaster, to being a mayor and now as a candidate for Governor, Mick Cornett has always had a passion for the state of Oklahoma – getting things done and goals achieved. Never one to complain, he will lead by example to overcome our biggest challenges as a state, just like he did as mayor.”

Craig Thurmond, Mayor of Broken Arrow:

“As the mayor of Broken Arrow, you’re required to get results. It’s time we had the same attitude at the state capitol. Mick Cornett is a conservative leader we can trust to deliver for our community. From budgets, to education and jobs, Mick has the vision and leadership our state needs. I’m proud to support him.”

Hank Ross, former Mayor of Chickasha:

“Our state is at a crossroads and needs a leader with a track record of success.  Mick Cornett has not only proven the ability to lead – He has proven that leadership produces results. He will bring the same vision for prosperity he had in Oklahoma City to every corner of Oklahoma. I am endorsing Mick Cornett for Governor because there is no one else more qualified or more prepared to lead our great State.”

Brian Linley, Mayor of Del City:

“As Mayor of Del City, I have had the privilege to work alongside Mick on several projects.  Mick’s style of leadership is very professional and he always maintains an excellent demeanor.  Regardless of city size, Mick knows the challenges that face our Capitol City are the same for smaller municipalities. He always puts the best interest of all citizens of OKLAHOMA first.  He will be an amazing Governor.”

Patrice Douglas, former Mayor of Edmond:

“As the former mayor of Edmond, Mick Cornett was a great asset to me. He was an experienced mayor with a willingness to collaborate with other cities to bring jobs, build infrastructure and strengthen our towns, big or small. I am confident he will do the same as Governor. I strongly support Mick Cornett.”

Saundra Naifeh, former Mayor of Edmond:

“As mayor you work continually and tirelessly to Get Things Done! The leadership Mick has used to work with citizens, the business community and many others to build a better OKC is what our entire state needs, especially now. I believe Mick will lead us to address the biggest problems ahead and create a positive, exceptional state; together we will be successful.”

Matt White, Mayor of El Reno:

“While some talk about accomplishments, mayors get things done. Mick Cornett has a tremendous record of achievement balancing budgets, growing our economy and standing for Oklahoma values. I’m proud to endorse him for Governor. His leadership will deliver results for all of Oklahoma.”

Bill Shewey, Mayor of Enid:

“I’ve had the pleasure of watching Mick Cornett’s career first-hand. His leadership is inspirational. His values are impeccable. He was a mayor who got things done, and he’ll be a Governor with the vision and know-how to take on the biggest challenges we have as a state.”

Kim Peterson, Mayor of Guymon:

“Mick Cornett did a remarkable job for Oklahoma City as mayor brining jobs, balancing budgets and improving roads and schools. As Governor, Mick will be a strong voice for the panhandle and he will champion our conservative values. I’m proud to endorse Mick Cornett in the June 26th Republican Primary.”

Fred Fitch, Mayor of Lawton:

“Our state needs a conservative leader who is dedicated to serving the whole state. As a mayor, Mick not only created a better city, but he was a constant force of leadership for mayors in every community as we each sought to achieve better outcomes for our towns and cities. Mick Cornett knows exactly how state government has held some of our communities back, and he is just the man to unleash our potential as a state.”

Jay Adams, Mayor of Mustang:

“My personal support of Mayor Cornett is based not only on his many accomplishments for Oklahoma City but on the value this has provided to the surrounding communities and those throughout the state. This coupled with his leadership and dedication to Oklahoma as a whole makes him the perfect candidate to be our next Governor and move the entire state of Oklahoma forward.”

Homer Nicholson, Mayor of Ponca City:

“In any town, no matter the size, the mayor must work with a broad array of interests to deliver results. Nobody has been more successful than Mick Cornett was in Oklahoma City at bringing people together to execute a vision. His leadership is an example the State Capitol should definitely learn from and one that every Oklahoman will be able to depend on when he is Governor.”

Jeff Shockley, Mayor of Poteau:

“Getting to know Mick Cornett as a fellow Mayor, I learned about his heart for every community in this state. His leadership in Oklahoma City took his hometown to new heights, but his passion for conservative governance and sharing insights to his success has been invaluable to numerous communities across the state. I look forward to seeing a Governor Cornett at the State Capitol because I know the amazing partner he will be for communities across our state.”

Jimmy Trammell, Mayor of Pryor Creek:

“You must have a good education system in order to have a good community.  This was Mick Cornett’s first advice to me as a new mayor. Our city transferred land to the school district and today, Pryor Creek is a premiere, thriving and innovative school system. Mick is the perfect leader to turn our great State around.”

Mike Burdge, Mayor of Sand Springs:

“Mick Cornett is a conservative, a problem solver, and he gets things done. I’ve known Mick for fifteen years and I believe our entire region deserves a Governor with his level of vision and leadership. We can count on Mick to be a strong voice for Sand Springs… and he’ll bring his record of success to our entire state. I’m proud to endorse Mick Cornett on June 26th.”

Dewey Bartlett, former Mayor of Tulsa:

“I know our state needs a Governor who will look out for all of Oklahoma. Mick Cornett is a consensus builder and problem solver, and as mayor he always sought to include Tulsa in economic opportunities. I had firsthand knowledge of this during my 2 terms as Tulsa’s mayor. Mick is a conservative who will successfully balance budgets, grow our economy and improve public education. We can count on him to be a strong partner for all of Green Country.”

Cornett is a Republican candidate for Governor and the former Mayor of Oklahoma City. Cornett was considered one of the most conservative mayors of any major city in the country and comprised a record of growth and success for Oklahoma City, including the creation of more than 100,000 new jobs and nearly 10,000 new businesses, one of the lowest unemployment rates and one of the most diversified economies in the country during his tenure.