From the article:
Mick Cornett stepped down Tuesday after 14 years as mayor and 17 years in city government.

In that time, he wove for the nation — and the world, really, thanks to the reach of contemporary media — a story of how individual responsibility and collective will can change a city’s fortunes.

Reflecting Monday on the challenges that lie ahead for the city, Cornett said his successors in political, civic and business leadership will need to keep the focus on the opportunities change is creating.

“The city’s changing, and I think the rate of change is increasing,” he said, “and change always makes people a little uncomfortable.”

As a city grows and changes, Cornett said, those who are nostalgic or like things as they are can be pushed “in directions not everybody is comfortable with.”

“A leader has to be able to communicate why this change is necessary, why it’s a good thing, and try to help people through that,” he said.

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