“…it made sense that at the final Thunder home game of his four terms as Mayor of Oklahoma City, he would be in attendance overlooking the world he had helped create. It allowed him to reflect on just how far Oklahoma City has come since his first days in office and just what bringing the Thunder to his hometown has meant to the state.

“Well, I spent a lot of time changing the perception. I just wanted people to be thinking positively about us,” Cornett said in an interview while watching the Thunder play. “And, one thing the Thunder’s done is made us culturally relevant. So, no matter where you are, Oklahoma City’s basketball team is playing teams like Chicago and Las Angeles, and tonight, Golden State. You know, we’re on the same page of the scoreboard with them. There’s kind of a superficial level of equality that comes with having that pro sports team. And, maybe you didn’t deserve it in any other metric. But, you’re there. That’s important to us.”

While Cornett has left the mayoral office, he is not done with politics. He has thrown his hat into the race for Governor and will be one of the Republican candidates vying for the office during the primaries later this year.

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