April 11, 2018

OKLAHOMA CITY – Mick Cornett, the former Mayor of Oklahoma City, on Wednesday officially added his name to the ballot for the Republican nomination for Governor.

“Today is not just about filing the paperwork to run for Governor,” Cornett said. “Today is a reminder of the challenges waiting for us at the State Capitol, and I am looking forward to bringing people together and tackling our issues as One Oklahoma. With new leadership, we can fix the mess state government has created, prioritize education for the next generation and truly diversify our economy.”

Cornett’s filing for Governor comes the day after his final term as mayor ended. His tenure shaped Oklahoma City into one of the best run cities in the country and his legacy as mayor includes 14-straight, on-time balanced budgets, 100,000 new jobs and nearly 10,000 new businesses created, one of the most diversified economies in the country, and bringing the NBA to town.

“Oklahoma City has come as far, as fast as any city in the country,” Cornett continued. “It’s time we take the success we’ve seen at the local level to every corner of our state.”

For more information about Cornett or his campaign for Governor, visit the campaign website:

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Contact: Will Gattenby