On the heels of the overwhelming vote in favor of State Question 788, opponents challenged candidates with whether they believe Oklahoma’s leaders should follow through with the process of legalizing medical marijuana. Mick Cornett’s position is clear: state government has a responsibility to implement the will of the people.

Mick was quoted in the Tahlequah Daily Press, explaining:

“I didn’t vote for SQ788, but I do have an issue with state government ignoring the will of the people. This measure passed overwhelmingly, and I believe we can satisfy the concerns of the business and health communities while also living up to the intent of the initiative.”

Since the decision, the Oklahoma State Department of Health has been embroiled in uproar after implementing rules that critics argue both defy the will of 788 and are out of bounds in terms of the department’s authority.

Mick was also asked about the implementation of SQ788 when he was on KOCO. Watch the interview.

Join Mick’s team as we press ahead full steam toward the Aug 28th run-off.