Mick’s opponent has taken an early shot at Mick’s record in Oklahoma City following his second-place finish to Mick in the Republican Primary on June 26th. In a public meeting, Mick’s opponent suggested that Mick shouldn’t get much credit for the successes enjoyed by Oklahoma City in recent years.

But the Journal Record disagreed:

“We won’t tell you who to vote for – The Journal Record has a long-standing policy of not endorsing candidates – but we will take umbrage at Kevin Stitt’s claim that Mick Cornett had no hand in Oklahoma City’s renaissance… To suggest otherwise is akin to saying Johnny Bench didn’t deserve to be the World Series MVP in 1976 because Sparky Anderson was the manager.”

What’s more, the Oklahoman argued that it’s time for a positive campaign for governor in which the merits of each candidate are on display, not mudslinging.

From the Oklahoman:

“The biggest race to be decided that day is the runoff for the Republican nomination for governor, between Tulsa businessman Kevin Stitt and former Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett. How sweet it would be if Cornett and Stitt, who advanced through the 10-man primary by selling their vision for Oklahoma, chose not to go negative.

A decision by Stitt to attack Cornett aggressively would carry a bit of irony, considering that he gained momentum and support during the primary by preaching that he wasn’t a politician. Negative campaigning is typical of politicians.”

From KOCO, 2017:

Join Mick’s team as we press ahead full steam toward the Aug 28th runoff.