Mick faced off with his opponent in a gubernatorial forum in Muskogee ahead on the Aug 28th run-off election. Two key take-aways, according to the Oklahoman, were their agreement with the Trump administration on immigration policy and, in contrast, their stark disagreement on the teacher pay raise bill that was signed into law this year.

The Oklahoman quoted Mick on immigration:

“We’ve got to secure our borders at the federal level. Nobody understands the repercussions of failing to protect our borders better than a mayor. Because when we don’t protect our borders at the federal level, those responsibilities fall to local law enforcement. We deal with all of the issues that a failed immigration policy surfaces.”

Mick went on to differ with his opponent in defense of increased teacher pay:

“The teachers needed a raise… I thought it was a tremendous step forward for this state’s commitment to education. We’ve simply got to do better. And having an education system that doesn’t properly reward teachers for all they do … is not a system that any of us should be proud of.”

Education funding will continue to be a key contrast between Mick and his opponent going forward, and Mick will continue to support education as a part of pro-growth strategy for all of Oklahoma.

Join Mick’s team as we press ahead full steam toward the Aug 28th run-off.