Republican Candidate Mick Cornett spoke with Ron Hays at the Radio Oklahoma Ag Network studios to discuss the issues Cornett sees for Oklahoma, specifically the rural communities.

“We ought to be growing our economy through ag-related investments. The state is spending a lot of money on agriculture and education involved in the ag industry and we ought to be creating more ‘spin-off’ businesses and keep more of the economy in the state,” he explained. “In other words, we grow a lot of crops, but then we send a lot of crops out into other states for the next level of processing. I’d like to see us figure out a way to create industries here that can keep more of the dollars inside the state.”

“(He) has made a concerted effort to learn directly from the people involved in agriculture what their challenges are and how they recommend overcoming them. From those conversations, Cornett says he has been able to distill two areas in which we as a state should focus on to improve the lives of all those who live and work in Oklahoma. Those, he says include a higher standard for education and healthcare.”

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