He’s the first four-term mayor in the history of Oklahoma City, but in June of this year Mick Cornett announced he won’t go for a fifth.

Instead, he’s running for governor, and his campaign slogan is short and sweet: “Fix the mess.”

Cornett sat down for an exclusive interview with KRMG News Monday, and he said for starters, Oklahoma’s entire budgeting process is “broken.”

He compared how the legislature works on a budget, as opposed to how his city handles the process.

“We never conduct a budget process like this. First of all there’s got to be more people at the table, there’s got to be more items on the table. You can’t say ‘I’m going to negotiate but we can’t talk about this, this and this.’ You’ve got to bring more items to the table if you’re trying to get people on board.”

And he doesn’t see that happening at the capital….

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